Single Travel

Meet fellow dive travelers in the best dive destinations in the world
Scuba diving vacations are a great way for single travelers to experience the best dive travel while forming new friendships with other divers. Scuba Dive Asia offers incredible dive packages for singles at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Avoid paying more for single travel
With single travel deals from Scuba Dive Asia, you can choose from a variety of diving holidays based on your preferences. Our scuba diving vacations feature dive resorts, all-inclusive dive resorts, and liveaboard diving accommodations.

If you are open to sharing a cabin, liveaboards offer the ideal solution. Best of all, there are no supplemental charges for single travel. Or you can opt to share a room at one of our many dive resorts in destinations around the world. There are no worries about compatibility because Scuba Dive Asia matches you with a suitable roommate.

If you prefer to room alone, Scuba Dive Asia will negotiate with our liveaboard diving accommodations and dive resorts to try to get the single travel supplement reduced or eliminated.

Foster new friendships
There’s no reason to stay home if your friends can’t join you on a dive vacation. Scuba Dive Asia’s diving holidays for singles are fun and a great way to meet new friends. What could be better than traveling with fellow diving enthusiasts and talking about diving experiences!

During dive trips, you’re sure to have a diving buddy since there are always single travelers or other divers also looking for a dive buddy.

Leave the planning to us
Scuba Dive Asia specializes in diving holidays for single travelers, so all you need to do is choose your destination and we’ll do the rest.

As a full service dive travel agency, Scuba Dive Asia will handle your complete scuba vacation, booking your airline flights, ground transportation, accommodations, and dive packages.

You can also count on us to book any other activities you would like to do during your dive vacation, such as sightseeing tours, spa packages, or other adventures.

Feel free to ask us for recommendations, from activities to dining. As divers ourselves, we’ve traveled to all the destinations we offer, explored the area, and mingled with the locals. So we know all the best places and things to do to complement your scuba diving outings.

All you need to do now is contact us for the best single travel deals. Check out our single travel options and information and get ready to enjoy the best scuba diving in the world with other single travelers!