Brad Tobler | CA, USA
Fiji, Beqa Lagoon Resort | 2015

My dad and I just got back from a dive trip to Beqa Lagoon in Fiji which Scuba Dive Asia helped us book. My dad and I were kind of clueless and to how to book such a trip so I reached out to SDA and they took care of everything. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better trip or for things to go more smoothly. We had the best trip ever and memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks Scuba Dive Asia.

Brad & Matt Tobler

Priscilla Guercini & Pierre-Arnaud Drouhin | Italy & France
Palau, Micronesia | January 2016

Onno from Scuba Dive Asia has been extremely kind and helpful in organizing our dream holiday! Palau is an untouched paradise and the ideal location for divers, we would definitely recommend it and are looking to go back in the future.

Suryadi Wijaya | Hong Kong
Indonesia | Lembeh Resort & Kri Eco Resort | 2011 & 2012

I’m new to diving with 2 diving trips in the past 12 months. I have used Scuba Dive Asia for both trips, first to Lembeh and second to Raja Ampat. Onno has been very helpful and resourceful, he managed to book me my trip to Lembeh within 48 hours during peak season in December 2011. This gives me a lot of confidence on him and Scuba Dive Asia, which is the reason why I used them for the second trip. I consulted Onno on where to go for my second trip and he provided suggestions based on the duration, weather, preference and budget. I’ve had very good experiences dealing with Scuba Dive Asia and will surely use them for my future trips.

Daniele Ballestrazzi & Maria Rosaria Caputo | Italy & Hong Kong
Indonesia | Wakatobi | August 2012

Onno and his team at Scubadiveasia are really a class act. They arranged a perfect vacation in Wakatobi. From the very first moment they think of everything and nothing is left to chance. Flawless execution. I met Onno and his wife years ago during a cruise to Komodo: their knowledge of Asian and Pacific diving is really awesome. By the way Wakatobi is fantastic, the reefs are first class and on literally every dive you can see the rarest and weirdest creatures. The team at Wakatobi Dive resorts is most passionate and knowledgeable about diving. Special kudos to divemasters Vanessa and Marco, they can spot the most invisible ghost pipefish!!

Dan & Tessa Barrows | CA, USA
Thailand | December 2011

Dan has been arranging group dive trips for many years and has travelled all over the world. In each case, he has used an agent that specializes in the area. For our trip to Thailand over the Christmas holiday we entrusted all of the arrangements to Scuba Dive Asia which included both liveaboard diving and a land tour of the country. Our group had a wonderful time and we're very pleased with the accommodations and the guides that were arranged. When we had a little problem with the liveaboard operator, we contacted Onno at Scuba Dive Asia. He was immediately available and took care of the problem so that our group could continue to enjoy their holiday without worries. The customer service and expertise of Scuba Dive Asia made our Thailand experience one to remember forever.

Nanda Olivieri & Gabriele Leoni | Parma, Italy
Aggressor, Worldwide Dive & Sail, Bandos Island Resort, Undersea Hunter, Amira, Nautilus Belle Amie | As From 2008

Since '90s we have been diving around the world and eventually we started referring to Scuba Dive Asia when planning our dive vacations. Why? simple: they can propose excellent solutions, they give you professional advice and solve your problems, if any. That was we were given for last January Maldives cruise and forthcoming trip to Cuba. 

Julie Frye & John Miller | VA, USA
Indonesia | Misool Eco Resort & Black Manta | June 2011

Onno and team at Scuba Dive Asia were a fantastic help from start to finish in booking our honeymoon. They were quite responsive to questions and were very thorough with details. When we had some challenges with the travel, Onno helped us to resolve them successfully. We’re looking forward to working with them again on another trip.

Rodrigo Canalli & Camila Almeida Da Mata | Brasilia, Brazil
Maldives | Worldwide Dive & Sail | December 2012

I'd like to thank you for your very nice job in arranging our dive trip. From the answers to my doubts, to the payment procedures, to the care over the domestic flights changing schedule, I could always feel very comfortable. Also all the staff and guides aboard the Maldives Siren were great. The diving was amazing. Really a top dive destination and we certainly want go dive there again!

Mary Wright & Barbara Rose | WI & CA, USA
Papua New Guinea | Loloata Resort | April 2012

Scuba Dive Asia was one of those chance, lucky finds on the internet! We were most satisfied from our first contact with the staff (Onno), to the thorough and immediate input we received about dive spots, to the helpful responses to our many questions and concerns. This is a must use dive travel agency!

Marjut & Risto Kaapa | Helsinki, Finland
Maldives & Philippines | Carpe Diem And Atmosphere Resort | 2012 & 2013

We have been using the first class services of Onno/Scuba Dive Asia on our diving-trips to Maldives in 2012 and to Philippines 2013. Both trips have given us complete satisfaction due to accurate information received from Onno when choosing the right trip for us, as well as well managed arrangements during the whole trip. In case we still want to go for a diving trip to Asia, there is no question about whom to turn to. Thank you Onno for everything!

Chris & Jane Mott | UK
Dive Damai, Amira, Lembeh Resort, Minahasa, Sea Spirit, Walindi Resort, FeBrina | As From April 2012

We have just returned from a brilliant diving safari in Indonesia, booked through Onno at Scuba Dive Asia. This is not the first time we have used him, and we will certainly return. He provides a friendly, patient and efficient service, but, above all, his advice is knowledgeable. He responds promptly to all questions, and we value his suggestions and recommendations highly. What more can you ask? 

Brenda & Terry McGlothlin | WY, USA
Wakatobi, Atmosphere Resort & Philippine Siren | As From 2012

Our relationship with Onno and Carine started when we dove with them on the Komodo Dancer, when they were the cruise directors there, and made it inevitable that they would be our travel agents once they returned home to Amsterdam and established the travel company. Their knowledge of dive travel seems limitless; and their responsiveness, attention to detail and general good nature make it a joy working with them. When one of our trips to Raja Ampat had to be cancelled because our liveaboard sank prior to our departure, Onno effortlessly (for us anyway) sought alternative arrangements to salvage our trip and when nothing workable was available in such a remote area on such short notice, he set up new arrangements for us to dive for three wonderful weeks in the Philippines instead, even while working to obtain cancellations and refunds of our various commitments for the Raja Ampat trip. Needless to say, Onno averted a nightmare for us and sent us on our merry way to enjoy blissful diving instead. Need we say more? 

Yik Fei Liaw | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Maldives | MV Orion | August 2012

The MV Orion is a clean, comfortable, spacious and luxury vessel with a helpful and attentive crew. Service is very good onboard and the diving is excellent. Maldives is a lovely place which I look forward to visit again. Thanks for all your assistance. I will for sure lookout for Scuba Dive Asia deals for my next dive trip. 

Barbara Tillotson & Scott Weaver | TX, USA
Maldives & Indonesia | 2010 & 2013

We used Scuba Dive Asia to book our liveaboard vacations to the Maldives and Indonesia. The trips were amazing, decent weather and many whale sharks! Their recommendation was spot on! No hassles, no complications, no stress. Everything was arranged once we got off the plane until we got back on the plane after the trip. When the people who arrange your dive trip are fun divers themselves, it gives you confidence in their recommendations and planning. Thanks Carine and Onno.

Atle Ove Martinussen | Bergen, Norway
Indonesia | Lembeh Resort | December 2012

I just returned from an international UW-photography workshop at Lembeh Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia. I booked the trip with Scuba Dive Asia. From the first contact, inquiring for more information, I had the best service ever. Not only by email but excellent adviser Onno Lenting even called me in person and gave me adequate and important information which contributed to make me decide to go.  I had a fantastic trip and the staff at Lembeh Resort was very professional. Thank you for arranging this trip for me. 

Dawn & Kevin Waterman | Hereford, Herefordshire, UK
Indonesia & Red Sea | Wakatobi, NAD, Siladen Resort, Royal Evolution & Sea Hunter | As From 2008

My husband and I have been taking diving holidays for over 15 years and up to 4 years ago we used to do all the planning ourselves. We gave over our expedition planning to Scuba Dive Asia and have not looked back since. They can organize everything - private boats, guides, even experts to help get the best photo opportunities. Does this all cost more? No,we have even saved money. Thank you Onno & Carine from Dawn & Kevin Waterman.

Warren & Gilda Sprung | TX, USA
Aggressor, Worldwide Dive & Sail, Undersea Hunter, Amira, Bandos Island Resort | As From 2008

My wife and I have done 15 liveaboard dive boats through the years. The crews of most were exceptional, but one stands out in our minds as the very best--and that was the Komodo Dancer, whose Cruise Directors Onno and Carine Lenting were the best and most organized we've experienced, before or after that wonderful trip. When Onno and Carine went home to Amsterdam to start a family and scuba oriented travel agency, we knew they would be the ones we used in the future, thanks to having experienced not only their knowledge of diving, but the wonderful way they paid attention to detail. And we were spot on; or I guess Onno and Carine were spot on! They planned our recent trip to The Maldives and their planning, as we knew it would be, was impeccable! Nothing was left to chance and everything they did was great. We inundated them with questions before the trip and answers were always forthcoming and accurate. One couldn't ask for more than that. They are in the middle of planning our next trip and we wouldn't consider using anyone else for our dive travel needs.  

Todd And Sally Pickerill | Los Angeles, CA, USA
Indonesia, Palau, Yap | As From 2009

Scuba Dive Asia has been the best help and service for our diving vacations. We have used Onno for many dive trips for the past several years. He provides excellent detail and gives knowledgeable travel information. Although we have been very lucky on our previous dive trips, we know when Onno recommends a destination it will be wonderful. Onno, covers all the little issues to make your trip go as smooth as possible. He also tries to save us money by going to the right resort for our dream trip. Onno, has personal experience in so many locations and traveled to many top dive locations, as a diver this is invaluable. I have always a million questions for Onno in planning my next dream vacation and he always steers me in the best direction for planning my next adventure. We just got back from another dream vacation in Palau and Yap. The trip was everything we could have wished for and more, especially with the help of Scuba Dive Asia.

Marcelo Simões & Ana Cossermelli | Porto Alegre, Brazil
South Africa, Palau, Mozambique & Tonga | As From 2012

I make 3 to 6 dive travels per year and can say that Scuba Dive Asia has the best contacts for high-end diving around the world. Onno really knows all the places and has a lot of experience on how things work in this kind of trips. I can get detailed information and every time I had a problem, it was solved, including to arrange a fast boat to transfer me and my wife to a liveaboard that has already departed when we missed our flight. Except for dives in South America, were I live, since I discovered SDA on internet I never used other agency, and I’m not planning to change! Just have to thank!