Best Scuba Dive Resorts in South Africa

South Africa scuba diving is phenomenal and so are the scuba dive resorts South Africa has to offer. You have the adrenaline pump of diving with sharks. You have the beauty and diversity of thousands of different species of marine life. You have the enjoyment of watching the cycle of life at work with the spawning of sardines during the annual globally-known Sardine Run. And you have the spectator’s enjoyment of witnessing timeless shipwrecks being overcome by the rainbows of colors under the sea.

Scuba diving in South Africa is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful scuba diving adventures possible. This enchanting land is blessed with impressive, high-quality dive operators and resort facilities, and we happen to partner with only the best. Take for instance, SEAL. Considered one of the best dive operators when it comes to the Sardine Run, SEAL is a company that we are proud to be working with because of their incredible ability to bring guests to the places needed to see the spectacular marine life show. 

Another organization we are excited to partner with, African Dive Adventures, is located on one of South Africa’s most known coasts, Kwa-Zulu Natal. This beautiful accommodation offers guests shark diving excursions on the Protea Banks, diving with the fabulous tiger and bull sharks in the open sea as well as personalized access to the Sardine Run in Coffee Bay. 

Scuba Dive Asia is also proud to be working with African Watersports, a facility that is located near the Aliwal Shoal preservation. This spectacular area offers, with the knowledge of African Watersports, the ability to swim with the Giant Brindle Bass or the massive Tiger Shark, whatever you desire they will accommodate.

Scuba Dive Asia has put years into researching and finding the best in South Africa scuba dive vacations. With our selection of scuba dive resorts South Africa holds many dive holiday opportunities for you. Let us help you design the vacation of your dreams. 



Eastern Cape

Scuba Dive Asia is proud to have teamed up with SEAL, one of the leading dive operators for the Sardine Run in South Africa. This means we can now also offer divers the chance to experience this [...]



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african dive adventures

African Dive Adventures

Protea Banks, Shelly Beach

African Dive Adventures has pioneered Protea Banks, a world renowned shark-diving reef on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, offering scuba divers an unforgettable experience.African [...]



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