Liveaboards in Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands liveaboard diving offers dive travelers a jaw dropping adventure filled with wrecks and crashed airplanes, rainbows of coral and big fish in the thousands as well as a pristine and serene setting that makes a person feel immediately at ease. Take this experience and enjoy it upon a dive liveaboard and you have a dive vacation made for excellence. We have a large selection of liveaboards diving Solomon Islands opportunities to explore.

Among the 922 Solomon Islands there are countless dive sites that give visitors a thrill both via visual stimuli and being surrounded by beauty. Access to these amazing sites is no easier than with a liveaboard luxury cruise ship. Whether you are diving to see the amazing Toa Maru, a Japanese transport ship that was sunk off of Gizo that still holds precious cargo including saki bottles and ammunition clips or the Helcat Fighter Plane, an intact aircraft that rests on the ocean floor complete with ammunition attached to its wings, you are certain to see amazing historical underwater preservation. The shipwrecks and aircraft rubble, acting as a framework for colorful coral to grow happily, is the perfect home for an array of large and small fish in the masses.

To ensure that you are getting the quality Solomon Islands diving vacation that you deserve, we recommend doing a trip with two related liveaboards, Bilikiki and Spirit of Solomons. These two luxury sister liveaboards are specifically made to support an awe-inspiring diving vacation among the Solomon Islands. In fact, the Bilikiki is known as being one of the best liveaboard in the world and for bringing the luxurious side to liveaboard diving to the Solomon Islands.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you create an amazing trip to the Solomon Islands by incorporating a liveaboard diving cruise. We look forward to assisting you in creating a personalized scuba dive vacation that will surpass all of your wildest dreams. Browse our liveaboards diving Solomon Islands options and start planning your next dive trip!

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MV Bilikiki

Solomon Islands

MV Bilikiki is a 125-foot long, 24-foot wide stable luxury vessel. Bilikiki pioneered liveaboard diving in the Solomon Islands and has a reputation as being among the best in the world. The [...]



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