Best Scuba Dive Resorts in Solomon Islands

Imagine a world where you can visit the long lost relics of World War II. Scattered along the sandy floor of the turquoise Pacific Ocean are aircraft and massive ship wrecks that lie ghostly in wait for schools of swimming fish. As time has gone by coral has slowly attached itself to the framework of damaged war craft, giving it a new reason for existence. This evolution of warfare has given opportunity for divers around the world to witness the unspoiled diving treasure that surrounds the Solomon Islands. And the scuba dive resorts Solomon Islands offer are situated in breathtaking surroundings to complement your dive adventure.

The Solomon Islands are so pristine that they are affectionately known as the “Last Frontier of the Pacific”. This nickname is lovingly associated with a Solomon Islands dive resort that we are proud to work with, Uepi Island Resort. This amazing diving resort is situated on a barrier reef island that, in addition to being framed by the longest lagoon in the world, is also perfectly situated to take advantage and scuba dive all of the underwater splendor that this dive destination has to offer.

We have chosen to work with Uepi Island Dive Resort for one reason: they offer a high quality service. In terms of the scuba dive resorts Solomon Islands offer, this remote island complete with everything tropic, gives the scuba diver guest exactly what he or she desires. Please contact us to learn more on how we can design a Solomon Island dive resort vacation that will leave you pleased and at ease.

Uepi Island Resort

Uepi Island Resort

Uepi Island

The Solomon Islands a.k.a. "The Islands Lost in Time" are often described as "the Last Frontier of the Pacific" and Uepi Island in particular.Uepi Island is a barrier reef island, covered in [...]