Liveaboards in Mexico East Pacific

Scuba diving in Mexico is an experience that should be done by all that enjoy the underwater world. Liveaboards diving Mexico East Pacific offers the best way to explore the diverse marine life under the sea.

The east pacific waters that frame the Mexican coast offers divers an amazing opportunity to see breathtaking shark activity, mesmerizing island beauty as well as a diverse ecosystem that includes bottlenose dolphins, tuna, Giant Pacific Manta Ray in addition to other gigantic pelagic oceanic life. 

Mexico does not only grant the guest a spectacular diving vacation via its waters, but also through the relaxed atmosphere that the country provides. Mexico is an incredibly easy country to travel to and around. Combine that with our exceptional liveaboard diving operations that we are proud to work with, and we are certain that we can put together a Mexico diving vacation that will leave you speechless in glee.

Take for example one of our liveaboard partners, Nautilus Explorer. This custom made luxury ship was made to pamper the diver. Outfitted with nine lower deck staterooms, the yacht was designed to offer space and comfort for each guest. Not only is the ship a visual example of opulence, but it also a floating culinary masterpiece. The onboard chefs provide four homemade delectable American and European meals for guests as well as dishes that showcase the flare of Mexico.

We are also proud to work with the lavish 112-foot Solmar V. With this exemplary example of a four-season liveaboard, guests are able to take full advantage of the beautiful sea life no matter what time of year. Another liveaboard partner that we are happy to be working with is the Rocio Del Mar. A stately 110-foot, 20-person steel construction, this ship is a workhorse ready to do what the diver demands. Set up with oversize engines designed to operate at low working loads with high efficiency, producing less engine noise and vibration at normal cruising speed, the Rocio Del Mar is able to access the places others can’t get to without scaring the natural habitat. 

Scuba Dive Asia is knowledgeable and experienced at creating a liveaboard diving vacation in Mexico that exceeds your expectations. Contact us now to learn about liveaboards diving Mexico East Pacific opportunities and how we can build the perfect trip for you. 

nautilus explorer liveaboard scuba diving socorro guadalupe sea of cortez

Nautilus Explorer

Guadalupe, Socorro, Sea of Cortez

The Nautilus Explorer liveaboard is custom designed for scuba divers to the highest possible level of comfort and safety with a layout that utilizes every square foot of available space. The crew [...]



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Nautilus Belle Amie liveaboard Mexico Socorro Guadalupe

Nautilus Belle Amie

Guadalupe, Socorro

The beautiful 41m custom-built Nautilus Belle Amie liveaboard, sister vessel to the Nautilus Explorer, was built with divers’ needs, safety and comfort in mind, offering amazing liveaboard diving [...]



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solmar v liveaboard scuba diving socorro sea of cortez mexico

Solmar V

Socorro, Guadalupe, Sea of Cortez

The luxurious 112-foot Solmar V is a true four-season liveaboard that takes advantage of weather patterns to provide optimal scuba diving year-round. She travels with a crew of 10 and a maximum [...]



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rocio del mar liveaboard scuba diving socorro baja sea of cortez

Rocio Del Mar

Socorro, Sea of Cortez, Baja

The Rocio del Mar is 110 feet steel dive liveaboard with oversize engines designed to operate at low working loads with high efficiency, producing less engine noise and vibration at normal [...]



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