Scuba Diving Vacations In Mexico East Pacific

Imagine diving in tropical waters, surrounded by fish that embody every color in the rainbow. Scuba diving in Mexico with Scuba Dive Asia offers you the ability to make dive dreams reality. If you are dreaming of dive travel that encompasses the best that diving has to offer then you must consider the paradise known as Mexico. A landscape that creates the backdrop for some of the best scuba diving vacations Mexico East Pacific is brimming with treasures for a person looking to experience an amazing scuba vacation.

Easy for anyone in the United States to travel to, Mexico is a favorite among many American visitors wishing to have a spectacular dive trip. Going beyond the ease of travel, Mexico offers its U.S. tourists and foreign travelers, alike, the ability to experience both a culture rich in heritage and the beauty of all inclusive dive packages. Whether you are looking into the adventure of diving holidays as a romantic get-away or a reason to get the entire family together, Mexico offers a fabulous trip for all. The country provides the best for any diving holiday: a friendly, warm atmosphere and climate that is interlaced with vibrant, enchanting waters that provide awe-inspiring scuba diving, including liveaboard diving.

The diving holiday packages within Mexico offer some of the most incredible underwater experiences available. Take for example the mesmerizing Socorro Islands, otherwise known as the Revillagigedos Archipelago. These sprinkling of islands located off the shores of Cabo San Lucas by 250 miles are considered to be a highlight in the world of scuba dive vacations. Not only do the Socorro Islands play as a nurturing place of sanctuary for some of the largest pelagic ocean animals on the planet, but they are also the playground for such gigantic creatures as Giant Pacific Manta Ray, which grows over 22 feet in wingtip span. Other sea life that loves to interact with those scuba diving the Mexican waters includes playful bottlenose dolphins, a huge variety of sharks including, hammerhead, silver tip, tiger, Galapagos, and whale sharks as well as schools of fish like tuna, wahoo and jack that come in the thousands. 

Beyond the Socorro Islands lies the fertile Sea of Cortez. Considered just a baby in terms of its age as an expansive body of salt water, the Sea of Cortez is a prolific breeding ground of over 850 species of fish, making a dive off the Baja an experience never to be forgotten. You and your loved ones will enjoy the sightings of colorful fish, moray eels, lobster, frogfish, sharks, sea lion and the sought-after mobulas. Enjoy this spectacular showcase of underwater diversity by liveaboard. We represent incredibly adept diving liveaboard operations like the Nautilus Explorer. This impressive ship is created with diver’s needs in mind, giving you a Mexico diving vacation that will leave you smiling. 

One of the beautiful aspects of doing a dive vacation in Mexico is that you have both the Sea of Cortez side to play with as well as the Pacific Ocean. Located a skip and a jump away from Ensenada, Mexico, the gorgeous Guadalupe Island lies in wait to offer those scuba diving a treat beyond measure. Within these clear and tranquil waters, the average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit offers the ability to see the great white sharks in their native habitat. In addition to experiencing the great white shark in its true domain, we also offer amazing experiences in submerged cages for our scuba guests, so that you may safely see these incredible creatures in their moments of eating frenzy. There is nothing quite as exciting as Guadalupe cage diving with great white sharks.

Let us help you create an amazing Mexico diving vacation that will leave you in awe. We are here to assist with everything travel related; from air travel to hotel reservations, from guiding to relaxing, we can connect you with the best scuba diving vacations Mexico East Pacific has to offer.

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Visitors from North America, Europe and Australia do not need a visa to enter Mexico. Tourist visa, 30 days, will be granted to visitors on arrival. Required is a valid return air ticket to a destination where the passenger has permission to enter, together with necessary visas for the onward journey to the next destination. Passports must be valid for six months from your date of arrival in the country.
Spanish is the official language (spoken by more than 90%). English is widely spoken. 8% speak indigenous languages, of which Nátinate is most common.
-6 / -7 / -8
The official currency is the Mexican Peso, MXN or M$. The M$1,000 and M$500 notes can be difficult to change and are sometimes not accepted. MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards are generally accepted by businesses catering to tourists.
Along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, winters are comfortable, summers very hot and humid, though some areas benefit from a sea breeze. Late summer months can bring heavy rains. Temperatures drop, though, from November to February when it's best to pack a sweater or jacket.
Comprehensive health insurance is recommended. Medical facilities are both private and state-organized and generally good. Medicines are often available without prescriptions, and pharmacists can diagnose and treat minor ailments. You should always protect yourself against mosquitoes where possible. Check with your embassy or consulate, as well as with a knowledgeable doctor, for detailed information on current health issues.
120 volts AC, 60Hz. Plugs used are American-style (two perpendicular flat blades above a circular grounding pin) and Japanese-style (two perpendicular flat blades). It's advisable to take an adaptor. We also highly recommend that you take a surge adaptor with you if using expensive and valuable appliances.
Departure tax of approximately 800 Mexican Pesos – approx. £42, $65 or €48 – payable locally in cash only.

Where Is Mexico East Pacific?

Water temperature
22 – 29 °C / 72 – 84 °F

25 – 60 meters / 80 – 200ft

3mm / 5mm / 7mm

Best time to travel
Year round. Socorro Island November to June, Guadalupe Island August to October and Sea of Cortez July to September

Recommended dive sites
Roca Partida, San Benedicto, El Arroyo, Punta Martir (Sea Lions)

Above water activities