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Yap Island: A Dive Mecca for Not Only Manta Rays, Sharks Too!

Yap Island is a diver’s paradise. This is the beautiful world of manta rays. In this precious area rich in planktonic organisms, pristine water and protection, the mantas rays are able to flourish giving the opportunity to see these lovely creatures display their mesmerizing aquatic flying. But that isn’t the only underwater viewing pleasure that Yap offers.


Yap is also a wonderful place to observe the intensity and strength of the mighty shark.

Although the fabulous Yap Island is known for the graceful presence of the manta, there are also chances abounding to be in the close proximity of the kings of the sea. Yap has an abundant source of nutrients for smaller fish, giving plenty of feeding opportunity for these powerful creatures. The richness and pureness of the sea offers a home in which various types of sharks frequent the Yap oceanic landscape, like the silky, leopard, tiger, white tip, reef, grey, nurse, lemon, scalloped hammerhead, and whale shark.

The opportunity to get up close and personal with these impressive beasts is to let the experts guide you to the goods. We work with different companies that will bring you within a safe arm’s reach. Imagine a giant white tip shark passing you by as you swim out in the open water. It slowly makes a U-turn and saunters back your way. He or she just wants to check you out. You are not in danger. The massive animal swims closer to you coming within three meters. His sensing organs, the Ampullae of Lorenzini, guiding him to know whether or not you are a potential meal, threat, or neither. An impressively smart fish, the shark swims even closer, knowing that you, too, are just there to witness another being. The shark looks you in the eye, saying hello, and then with the masterful presence of a knight, swims elegantly away.
Talk about an amazing experience that will make Yap a dive vacation you want to repeat time and time again.

What types of sharks can you see around Yap? Here is a sample of some of the sharks you will be able to safely witness in their natural habitat:

Grey Reef Shark: Yap has a numerous population of these fish, especially in areas around the Mi’l Channel and Yap Corner. Young sharks as well as their parents have been seen swimming together in areas around the island.

White Tip Reef Shark: an animal that is known to let divers come within inches of them, the white tip shark is a fish that is prevalent in Yap waters. Areas that they are plentiful include both Mi’l Channel as well as the Main Channel.

Black Tip Reef Shark: the black tip shark is also known to be nosy. Take advantage of areas like the Yap Caverns on the western side of the island for viewing adventure.

Silky: although not incredibly common, you can witness the silky in action in the deep offshore waters of Yap. They have also been known to be seen during shark feedings in the Vertigo region.