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Truk Lagoon – Wreck Capital of the World!

Can you envision being surrounded by hundreds of downed airplanes and wartime shipwrecks? The boats and planes still holding on to their own massive forms are only minimized by the extensive size of their new home, the ocean. Fish and marine animals, large and small, call these new structures their own abode, bringing color and vibrancy to the once devastated war collateral.

Truk Lagoon

Located in Micronesia, Truk Lagoon (also pronounced Chuuk Lagoon) is a literal visual candy store. An amazing example of destruction recreating itself into living beauty, Truk Lagoon is not only mesmerizing because of the 300-plus airplanes and ships that lie under the sparkling surface of water, but also because of its own mystical attributes. Shaped perfectly to match an o-ring, Truk Lagoon is so obvious in the midst of the Pacific Ocean that it is clearly visible for those that see it from the sky.

fallen planeTo give you a little history on the place, Truk Lagoon was nothing more than a healthy lagoon before World War II. With the outbreak of the second largest global hostility underway, the Japanese Imperial Fleet decided to use the area as a storage station for their military planes and ships. American intelligence found out in 1944 and bombed the area profusely. This resulted in over 60 ships and 250 planes falling to the ocean’s bottom. The nurturing, warm water lent well to the sea life overtaking the human made contraptions, creating a present-time showing of vibrant coral and a new playground for healthy fish of all sizes as well as larger marine animals.

The diving that Truk Lagoon offers is perfect no matter what your diving ability. There are multiple options for everyone, from beginner to expert, from shallow snorkeling to deep wreck diving. In addition, there are minimal currents to contend with and sparkling clear water lending to optimal visibility. Not to mention, the islands that frame the lagoon act as a weather shade, helping to diminish wind and storm issues.fallen soldier

Beyond the eye-popping adrenaline-filled shipwreck diving, Truk Lagoon also offers visitors the opportunity to swim amongst pristine outer barrier reef areas. This part of the Pacific Ocean is home to incredibly colorful coral as well as larger fish like shark, eagle ray, barracuda, and big eyed jacks. You can also swim with bat fish and reef fish.

If some of the people in your party aren’t feeling like diving, Truk Lagoon serves up a great trip for them as well. There are a ton of things to do. From visiting the nearby islands that surround the lagoon area to doing a liveaboard excursion, from technical shipwreck diving to shark feedings, from hiking the beautiful topography to enjoying the pristine beaches, there are so many wonderful things to do when visiting this special and magical part of the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Truk Lagoon and all of the special jewels it has to offer visitors, please contact us. We have years of experience with the best diving experts in the area. Let us help you have a Truk Lagoon vacation that you will treasure forever.