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Papua New Guinea – Why is Diving Here so Awesome?

Are you looking for an scuba diving adventure that connects with the wild side? Are you yearning to go on a diving vacation that visits a land that is still the way that has been for centuries, void of Western influence? Does the sound of traveling to a place that embraces its ancient tribal social customs while enjoying diving amongst a richly diverse marine ecosystem make your pulse quicken?

If these attributes to a diving vacation intrigue you then you must check out Papua New Guinea.

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 5.19.21 PM

Also affectionately known as PNG, Papua New Guinea is a wild adventure land that gives visitors a ride of colorful visual stimuli, rich culture, and a touch of historical tribal heritage. Situated within the Coral Triangle created with Indonesia and the Philippines, this special part of the world is spectacular for those that treasure a well-rounded vacation.

Papua_New_Guinea_mapPNG is one of those places that can offer a vacationer everything not only because of the cultural diversity and pristine landscape, but also because the diving is incredible! Offering a full range of options when it comes to dive sites, PNG is fantastic for giving divers the opportunity to swim and be in close proximity to fish that are rarely seen. In addition to unique swimmers of the sea, PNG gives divers excellent muck diving as well. This area of the world is covered in volcanic sand, which is perfect for the crazy critters that enjoy the nutrients that comes from the sea bottom. Beyond the muck there is also an incredible diversity of coral offering a vibrant rainbow of colors, such as the reefs of Duke of Yorks, Milne Bay and Witu. Another special attribute to this area is something called bommies. Bommies are basically pinnacles that are immersed in the ocean. All of the bommies reach towards the surface of the water, some coming to fruition in a point, others in a grand stage as big as a football field.

Papua New Guinea is a great diving vacation for those wishing for the luxury resort reality or the liveaboard experience that immerses you in the spectacular PNG setting. A couple of resorts that deserve special attention are Walindi Plantation Resort on New Britain and Milne Bay’s Tawali Resort as well as Lissenung Island Resort. All of these impressive properties give guests a relaxing atmosphere of pure luxury. For those into the liveaboard experience a few operations that are highly recommended include the Febrina for knowing the area extremely well, the Chertan for its opalescent atmosphere, and the Golden Dawn for its intimate approach to exploring the Eastern Fields.Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 5.19.36 PM

Papua New Guinea has incredible aspects to offer anyone visiting. But there are a few things to know before going. It is a bit of a trek, so it is advised to be kind to yourself and stop off in Australia on your way to give yourself some rest from traveling. Also, you will have to travel through the main city of Port Moresby to get to any diving location. This tends to not be the kindest city in the world, so be sure to watch yourself and your stuff. Another important bit of advice: be sure to get your anti-malarial prophylaxis before arriving.

Interested? We can help you create the most amazing Papua New Guinea trip possible. Contact us now so we can show you how.