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Loloata Island Resort; The Benefits Of Being Accessibly Remote

It doesn’t seem possible that a remote island paradise could be found just 25 minutes from a busy international airport- and yet, Loloata Island Resort in Papua New Guinea is proof that such places do exist. The resort is only a short journey by taxi and boat from Port Moresby’s Jacksons Airport; however, the stresses of urban life fade away immediately upon arrival and serenity reigns supreme. Loloata Island offers the discerning diver the best of both worlds- convenient accessibility, combined with the opportunity to escape to a place defined by its unparalleled diving and its relaxed pace of life. Ringed by shallow reef and dressed in the emerald green of dense tropical vegetation, the island stands as a testament to nature’s beauty; whilst the resort itself offers the very best in Melanesian hospitality. There are two types of room available at Loloata Island Resort- those located directly on the beachfront, and those elevated on the side of the single hill from which the island gets its name. All rooms have private facilities and balconies complete with an ocean view- whilst guests will have the chance to sample delicious local specialties at the sumptuous meal time buffets. Loloata Island Resort is an excellent choice for those with non-diving traveling companions, too. Alternative activities on the island include bushwalking, birdwatching, fishing, snorkeling, indulging in sightseeing tours and shopping trips to Port Moresby- and of course, simply soaking in the delights of the island’s pristine beaches.
reef papua new guinea loloata dive resort
However, it’s also true that this destination epitomizes everything that one could hope for from a scuba diving vacation. Papua New Guinea dive resorts are the gateway to the incredible underwater sights that this tiny nation has to offer, and Loloata Island Resort is no exception. Papua diving is famous for its incredible biodiversity, boasting ten times as many coral species as the Caribbean and twice the number of fish species found in the Red Sea. The islands that make up the country are washed by the waters of three seas, and reap the benefits of a truly diverse ecosystem as a result. Loloata Island is famous in particular for the astounding number of macro species found amongst its dive sites; and for the numerous World War II wrecks that haunt its shores as a result of its proximity to Port Moresby. Loloata Island Resort is well equipped to offer visitors the very best of Papua New Guinea scuba diving, with two specifically appointed dive vessels, an extensive array of rental equipment, and excellent facilities that cater to every pre- and post-dive need. Dives are offered three times a day, with the option for additional night dives upon request. Within easy reach of the island itself is the smaller Lion Island, which is famous for its impressive hard corals and for its incredible muck diving opportunities. Underwater photographers and macro enthusiasts alike will delight at the chance to come face to face with myriad species of rare pipefish, nudibranch, cuttlefish and squid, all in the shallows of the island’s dive sites.
yawning rhinopeas
Loloata itself also offers some spectacular diving, from wrecks like the MV New Marine and the MV Pacific Gas that are literally thriving with life; to the sheer wall of The Big Drop, which offers the chance to see everything from large pelagics to tiny pygmy seahorses. Diversity is certainly the name of the game when it comes to scuba diving in Papua New Guinea – something that Loloata Island Resort showcases at every turn. Diving is possible year round at this destination, although the months with the calmest seas and the best visibility are October to December, and April to May. Water temperatures range from 25 C/ 76 F to 30 C/ 86 F, whilst visibility depends largely on the specific site and time of year.
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