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Bali and her Mola Mola

Bali is special. This beautiful area isn’t special because of its gorgeous landscape. It’s not special because of its friendly people or easy-go-lucky atmosphere. It isn’t because it is a simple place to travel to. Granted all of these things make Bali fabulous, but what makes Bali special is getting to scuba dive with her mola mola.


Sounding a bit like a dance number, the mola mola (also known as simply mola) is Bali’s amazingly magnificent Ocean Sunfish that swims in abundance in this stunning country’s waters. Especially numerous between July and November, the mola mola love to frequent areas around Bali like the Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay or Blue corner areas. They also enjoy Bali’s Nusa Lembongan, Padang Bai and Candi Dasa areas. Why? The strong currents of this region bring the mola the nutrients that they need.Bali_beach

So, what is so neat about the mola mola, you may be wondering. The Ocean Sunfish has a lot of interesting attributes. First off, the reason that the mola mola is known as a sunfish is, well, because, amazingly enough, they like to sun themselves. With an admiration for the warmth of that big golden globe in the sky, these pale grey-colored fish actually enjoy getting some sun by hanging out on the surface of the water.Mola-Mola

A flat, huge fish that can weigh over 2,000 pounds, the visual aspects of this fish is intriguing. Their color, as mentioned before, is like that of a dead person. Their back end fins don’t come to the regular triangle type that is seen in most fish, instead it can have varying angles, almost looking like the edge of lace. Also the fish itself is basically a round circle. Their diet is also unique, in that they enjoy consuming jelly fish as their food of choice as well as fish larvae, eel grass, small fish, and squid.

Another aspect that is interesting about the mola mola is their adapt ability to have offspring. The ladies are built with baby power, being able to produce up to 300 million eggs in one sitting. This is the largest amount of eggs produced by any vertebrate. The eggs are externally fertilized by the male and the baby mora mora hatch into miniature barely an inch-long larvae. By the time they are full grown they will be the size of a large automobile. Luckily for us humans, these giant fish of the sea are kind and loving to people, causing us no harm.

mola-mola (1)

The mola mola is a strong swimmer and is able to travel around twenty miles a day with a top speed of around two miles an hour. The mola mola is a deep water fish normally, besides the sunbathing aspect to their daily time spent, making it even more special when you get to swim with them in Bali.

Give yourself the gift that will pay back handsomely with awe-inspiring memories of swimming with these incredible fish. Contact us to learn about the best in guided dive trips as well as dive resorts and liveaboards. We work for you to create the Bali diving trip of your dreams.