About Scuba Dive Asia, Our Dive Travel Agency

Scuba Dive Asia is the brainchild of two avid divers who realized back in 1995 that there was a gap in the market for a dive travel agency that understood its customers’ needs from a personal perspective. After years of diving all over the world in both a recreational and a professional capacity, Scuba Dive Asia’s founders knew they had the experience and insider knowledge needed to meet this demand.

Since its founding in 1995,Scuba Dive Asia has become a major travel agency, offering high quality, customized resort and liveaboard dive vacations throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Today, the company is one of the biggest worldwide providers of quality dive travel, representing more than 125 operators in the world’s best dive destinations.

In addition, the Scuba Dive Asia team has grown to include experienced scuba diving instructors, underwater photographers and former cruise directors, whose combined knowledge of the dive travel industry makes them capable of recommending destinations and operators from firsthand experience. The team is multilingual, speaking English, French, German and Dutch fluently in order to help customers from all over the world organize and book their vacations using their first language.

Scuba Dive Asia carefully selects its liveaboards and dive resorts, and sets high customer standards. Likewise, the dive travel agency only works with companies that have high standards, too. Scuba Dive Asia personally knows all the operators it works with, as well as their facilities. A Scuba Dive Asia team member conducts in person evaluations of each resort and liveaboard accommodation offered on its website and experiences firsthand how their staff takes care of its customers.

Before adding dive operators to its vacation offerings, Scuba Dive Asia personally checks how dive guides work, their specialties, the diver-to-dive guide ratio, the availability of private dive guides, the number of charging stations, whether dive times are unlimited or set to a maximum of 60 minutes, the facilities available for underwater photographers and videographers, whether cruise directors are flexible with the desires and requests of divers, and other dive-related requirements.

Scuba Dive Asia is a full service travel agency, with offices in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. The worldwide dive travel company can handle all arrangements, including airline flights, airport pickups, hotels, liveaboards, dive resorts, diving excursions, sightseeing tours, spa packages, etc. It caters to a wide range of interests, with dedicated dive packages available for underwater photographers and videographers, technical divers, dive clubs, honeymooning couples and others. Escorted group travel to some of the best dive destinations on earth is also offered. In addition, the Scuba Dive Asia team can prepare customized trips, combining their dive travel expertise with your wishes.

To learn more about Scuba Dive Asia, simply contact us using the contact information throughout our website.