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Why is it so Important to have Travel Insurance and Dive Insurance?

The worst has happened. You have become gravely ill in a country that doesn’t speak your language. A scenario like this can be deadly unless forethought to buy travel insurance was involved in the trip planning.dive-accident

There is nothing more frightening than being injured or sick in a foreign country. The feeling gets much worse when you realize that your insurance from home does you no good abroad. It is not uncommon for a vacationer to sit idle in wait in a hospital, getting little to no help, while the insurance aspect is looked at. And as we all know, the last thing you want in an emergency situation is to not being receiving the help needed.

So, what is a person to do?

Travel_Insurance-2Never leave home without travel insurance when traveling abroad. And for those of us that love scuba diving, don’t pass up on the dive insurance, neither.

Are you wondering what it will do for you exactly? Well, let’s look at the benefits. Here are five reasons why you must purchase travel and dive insurance before your next diving vacation abroad…

1. It will save you money. Travel insurance, in the grand scheme, costs very little. Do your research. Find a policy that has extensive coverage, and you will be saving yourself in regards to missed flights, changed travel plans, damaged car rental or stolen luggage, in addition to being assisted in the chance of a mishap. This can lead to thousands of dollars saved if your diving trip to Mexico goes awry, for example.

2. It could be the difference between life and death. As we mentioned earlier in the article, having dive and travel insurance can be what gets you help when in a hospital. Another bonus is that you have air flight to better health facilities, if needed. This can be huge when traveling in small, poor countries.Decompression-chamber-treatment

3. Your insurance can help you in various places in the world. Depending on what insurance plan you purchase, you can receive care in multiple countries based on one plan. It is reassuring to know that you don’t have to contact anyone when traveling from Guadalupe to the Galapagos Islands. The majority of dive insurance policies cover places like Australia, Asia, New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean area as well as South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

4. It will protect your scuba equipment. Diving equipment is expensive. It can be a devastating moment realizing that your gear has been stolen or lost. Diving insurance covers everything you need, like your mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, buoyancy vest, lights, regulator, gloves, boots, etc.

5. It’s there for diver-only type issues. One of the best aspects to dive insurance is that it is there for you for issues specific to diving. Take for example ruptured ear drums, damaged nasal passages or decompression sickness. If you are traveling abroad to scuba dive, be sure you protect yourself completely by buying the appropriate diving and travel insurance. Different policies to check out include DAN and DiveAssure and Divers Security Insurance.