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Why is Diving the US Liberty Wreck in Tulamben so Great?

Imagine being able to look history in the face. You are submerged in the sparkling water of Bali, investigating the USS Liberty Wreck that was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. You are in the amazing Lombok Strait, amidst a world where a fallen warship takes on another life and becomes a framework of positivity for thousands of other life forms.

The Liberty WreckOn January 11th, 1942, the World War II cargo ship USS Liberty Wreck was on its journey of giving supplies to needy soldiers when it was blasted by enemy ammunition. The ship was able to make it almost back to port, but at the last minute the ship’s captain had to run the boat aground on the beach at Tulamben to save the crew. The crew was saved, and the ship laid dormant on the beach until 1963 when one of Bali’s last large volcanic explosions from Mount Gunung Agung had lava pushing it back into the ocean.shipwreck

This series of events made for spectacular diving close to shore; perfect for beginner and advanced divers alike to take advantage of the changing world that occurred from a shipwreck. Today, the wreck acts as thriving backdrop for coral growth. The coral has entirely taken over the ship, now acting as a nurturing home for thousands of different species. Within this framework live feather stars, hydroids and crinoids. With hundreds of small nooks and crannies to live in, there are a plethora of places to explore and see the magic of the underwater world.

The shipwreck also acts as a safe haven for larger marine animals like sunfish, barracuda, scribbled file fish, peacock grouper, coral trout, sunfish, regal angel fish, and surgeon fish. In addition to these beautiful examples of marine life, divers will also delight in seeing spotted garden eels, goat fish, and dancing shrimp.

TulambenOne of the spectacular aspects to diving in this area of the world is the night diving. An incredible adventure that gets the heart beating with anticipation, night diving on the Liberty Wreck not only brings out the brilliance of creatures like the marigold cup corals, but you also gives you the chance to see the lionfish hunt, or the oscellate dwarf lionfish show it nocturnal self. You also have the opportunity to be in the presence of the napping parrot fish or free-swimming crinoids in search for a new home.

In addition to the fascinating Liberty Wreck, divers can also experience the beauty of other Bali dive sites that are famous, such as the Tulamben Wall, located on the east side of the island. Here the massive walls drop off 60 meters deep, giving hold to graceful gorgonian fans that spread nearly four meters in height. Other creatures inhabit this area as well, like the fairy basslets, puffer fish, damsel fish and hawk fish as well as ghost pipe fish and comet fish.Big-Eye_Trevalley_Liberty_Wreck

For those that are newbies to the world of diving, this region offers you something as well. The Tulamben House Reef is a perfect place for new students to learn the ropes while seeing impressive fish like snapper, butterflyfish and frogfish.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you create a Tulamben dream dive vacation.