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Wakatobi’s Ultimate House Reef


The word sounds like you might be calling out an cry of emotion in a foreign language. But really Wakatobi is something absolutely spectacular: a diving treasure, in fact. Considered to be three things in all actuality, Wakatobi (pronounced Wa-kah-toe-bee) is foremost an amazing confluence of four main islands in Indonesia:Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. This foursome archipelago makes up the word “Wa-ka-to-bi”.

Aerial image Wakatobi Dive Resort_photo Didi Lotze

A second description to the name has to do with pure luxury. Attached to the Wakatobi name is the swanky, purely plush, all inclusive Wakatobi Dive Resort. One of the very few places to stay in this area of the world, this world class, eco-friendly property is the reason many divers love the area so much. Located in southwestern Sulawesi, Indonesia, the establishment is a fabulous place to make your starting point for amazing diving. The resort’s private beach is the launching point for the stunning House Reef. Considered to be the world’s best beach launch scuba diving, the House Reef offers hours upon hours of eye candy for those that are enchanted with the colorful and tactile display given by a coral reef. In fact, it is fairly Ocean Bungalow patio_photo by Didi Lotzecommon for underwater photographers to loose track of time entirely because there is so much amazing detail to document. In addition to jaw-dropping diving, the resort offers guests amenities like on property movie nights, cooking classes, a gourmet restaurant and a spa, not to mention multiple boats available to take people to nearby dive sites.

The third thing attached to the name is a national park, the Wakatobi National Park. A zone that encompasses 1.4 million hectares. Almost a million of the hectares are covered in lacy tropical rainbows of coral, the reefs decorating the underwater landscape for many nautical miles. The reef is home to what is considered to be one of the Anthias on Wakatobi's Reefs_photo by Steve Millerhighest concentrations of fish species on the planet. To get to the park you will have to go through the quaint city of Bau-Bau that offers visitors interesting sites like a 16th century fort, cave exploring and excellent snorkeling done from pristine white sand beaches.

Getting to Wakatobi is done by going through Bali. Once to Wakatobi you will actually be on the other side of the island than what you will want to be on. To get to the other side isn’t as simple as could be. If you are staying at one of the few resorts than you will have a driver waiting at the airport for you with a sign designating who they are. If you are doing the trip with Scuba Dive Asia – The Dive Travel Experts, you will be assured your diving vacations will be hassle free. All parts of your trip are arranged and taken care of. One less thing to think about.

One other honorable mention in regards to Wakatobi is the incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area via a liveaboard. An example of a luxury yacht that is made for the service of creating an exceptional diving vacation is the Pelagian Dive Yacht_photo by Shawn LevinPelagian. This splendid ship is able to access a large number of spectacular dive sites in the Wakatobi area, letting you experience everything that this region has to offer, including muck diving.

Whether its a Wakatobi liveaboard or resort experience, or both, that you are seeking, we are incredibly knowledgable on creating a trip that will surpass your diving desires. Get a hold of us now to learn more.