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Scuba Diving the Philippines

Do you dream of pristine beaches, deserted islands and untouched reefs? Do you dream of going on a scuba diving vacation that gives you unprecedented up-close-and-personal witness to some of the most biologically diverse water in the world? Do you dream of scuba diving with thousands upon thousands of colorful fish with a rainbow of coral as your backdrop?


If diving in such a location intrigues you, then you must check out the Philippines.

The Philippines is one of those magical places on the planet that remains unclouded by the masses of tourists. A vacation to the Philippines still offers the feeling of IMG_0216_optgetting away from it all, getting to enjoy serenity and peace in a pristine setting as well as getting to take advantage of a place that is the definition of paradise. Often overlooked by vacationing scuba divers, the Philippines offers divers a special vacation with its lush tropical landscape, pristine islands, massive volcanoes, unique topography and flourishing oceans.

Here is a little sampling of the splendor that the Philippines can offer the vacationing scuba diver…

Puerto GaleraPuerto Galera: Located in the most northwestern province of the Philippines, Puerto Galera is an incredibly beautiful, lush, mountainous island that is surrounded by deep turquoise water. Enhanced with a luxury beach resort, several hotels, tasty restaurants and top notch dive operations, Puerto Galera is a diving vacationer’s paradise. Whether doing a liveaboard excursion or enjoying the coastal dive sites, divers get the pleasure of swimming with Moorish idols, trumpet fish, frog fish, and lion fish here as well as being surrounded by intensely gorgeous coral.

Cebu: A skinny island that stretches almost 150 miles from north to south, Cebu is a prime location for liveaboard diving with its 167 neighboring islands. Accessorized with narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains, Cebu is a spectacular location for experiencing all that the Philippines has to offer.

Tubbataha: Considered by CNN to be one of the top eight dive sites in the world, Tubbataha is an isolated dive area rich in marine biodiversity. Only accessed by a2071906096 liveaboard like our partnering vessel, the Philippine Siren, diving here gives opportunity to swim in a pristine setting with sharks, manta rays and giant turtles.

Boracay: A special Philippines island, Boracay is accentuated by fantastically beautiful white sand beaches and water that is so clear that seeing the smallest of phytoplankton is simple for the naked eye. Just a hop, skip and a jump from Manila (approximately 195 miles) this special spot is situated off the northwest tip of Panay Island.

Bohol: Known as a true paradise for divers and snorkelers, Bohol is a less-known island than Boracay and set up for the more influential. Its pristine beaches and secluded coves make Bohol an incredibly romantic location, in addition to its spectacular diving.


Malapascua: a tiny, sleepy island that is still unknown by tourists, Malapascua offers guests a quaint and relaxing vacation. With dive sites easily accessible, this island offers the true feeling of having the island setting to yourself (plus it only takes around two hours to walk around, so finding your own secluded spot is simple).

Apo Island: considered to be one of the Philippines’ most famous dive spots, Apo Island is also known for being one of the planet’s well known community-created marine sanctuaries. With over 650 fish species and 400 different coral types, Apo Island offers divers a scuba vacation to be remembered forever.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can create the perfect unique dive vacation to the Philippines for you.