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5 Reasons to Go Scuba Dive Cocos Island of Costa Rica

What is paradise for you? Does seeing hundreds of large pelagic fish like whitetip shark dancing around you come to mind? How about a lush tropical landscape that is void of other people, offering a pristine landscape rich in all types of beautiful vegetation, complete with bowling ball-size flower blooms? Or does maybe the thought of getting to swim with whales, sharks, eagle rays and thousands of Big Eye Jack fish come to mind?

tiger by harry_croppedParadise can be defined in a myriad of ways, but it is certain that Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands is the embodiment of what many people consider to be paradise. A gorgeous, lush, volcanic island that is just a hop, skip and a jump from Costa Rica, this beautiful piece of paradise in the midst of the Pacific Ocean is perfect for the visiting scuba diver. How? Check out how many different ways the Cocos Islands can hit your paradise meter…

1. The Underwater World: This is a very special place on the planet because of the marine geography. An oceanic floor enhanced with underwater archways and deep valleys, the natural landscape is unique visually as well as spectacular for huge groupings of large fish. Swimming through this immense nature-made fun house lets the diver know that Mother Nature loves to give highlight to the details.

2. The Diving: Beyond the arches, valleys and impressive underwater landscape are an array of creatures waiting to be seen. This sector of the Pacific is filled with thousands of different Hammer heards school _ Alcyone_Herrenomarine species. A diver could see a variety of amazing animals including powerful hammerhead and whitetip sharks in giant schools numbering in the hundreds; gigantuan whales elegantly gliding their way through the Pacific; massive eagle rays doing a graceful mating dance as they swim by. Cocos Island is a dive paradise for the richness in biodiversity, alone. 

3. Checking out the Scenery Beyond the Island: One of the most amazing aspects to scuba diving around Cocos Island is the experience of doing the vacation via a liveaboard, because it really gives the opportunity to experience this precious area. Being on a luxury ship that is set up for divers gives visitors the opportunity to be in the middle of true Eagle rays _ Manuelita_Herrenopristine sea life. Not to mention, Scuba Dive Asia is proudly working with longstanding local liveaboard companies that know the area intimately. It truly doesn’t get any better than that: luxurious living on a cruise ship while being shown the best dive sites by the locals themselves.

4. It’s an Underwater Photographer’s Dream: Cocos Island is perfect for aspiring and professional photographers that are seeking that amazing underwater shot. From scalloped hammerheads to grey reef sharks, from marbled rays to dolphins, from frog fish to snowflake moray eels, Cocos Island serves up the photography opportunities.Big-eye-jacks-_-Dirty-Rock_

5. Feeling the Ambiance: Maybe one of the most special aspects to Cocos Islands is its magical ambiance. This is a place of pure relaxation void of the rush of daily life. Cocos Islands isn’t outfitted with luxurious resorts for the rich, but instead high-quality liveaboard experiences that cater to creating a fun and delightful vacation. Scuba Dive Asia partners with incredible operations that give you the best in what the island has to offer: spectacular sunsets, awe-inspiring sunrises, mesmerizing scuba diving, fantastic snorkeling and the chance to dance with the eagle rays. What a paradise!