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Scuba Diving Beqa Lagoon

Have you heard of “The Mecca of Pacific Diving”?

A daunting title with a heavy load, this name applies to Beqa Lagoon (pronounced Benga). An area off the main island of Fiji, just south of Viti Levu, the Beqa Lagoon is a place that deserves such a description. Enhanced by its status of having one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, it is a masterpiece in underwater beauty. A scuba diving adventure that all should witness.

Easy to get to for the foreign traveler, Beqa Lagoon is not far from the Fiji international airport. In fact, it is not unheard of to arrive and dive in the same day, it is so close. Not to mention, this beautiful lagoon gives you the opportunity to get a dive in before launching off to do island hopping.


With over one hundred amazing dive sites to visit, the Beqa Lagoon offers exceptional diversity. This variation in dive sites gives the ability for beginner and expert diver, alike, to experience various ecosystems. From pinnacles to bommies, from lace-like coral reefs to abandoned shipwrecks, Beqa Lagoon has excitement covered.

Well, actually…that is just where the excitement starts. Beqa Lagoon has one thing that is extremely exciting: its plethora of sharks.

The Beqa Lagoon is infamous for being home to eight different species of sharks. Within this section of sea you are able to witness bull sharks, tiger sharks, tawny nurse sharks, grey tip sharks, black tip sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks and silver tip sharks. An incredible opportunity to see power and strength in person, the Beqa Lagoon offers an opportunity for divers to get up close and personal with sharks like no other place. Visitors have reported back seeing fifty-plus sharks in one sitting! Talk about adrenaline pumping excitement.

It is important to note that diving with the sharks is not for the timid, nor the beginner. Shark diving is high energy all the way! For that reason, the more you feel comfortable with a tank on your back, the better the dive will be. Our guides are exceptional, but Beqa Lagoon shark diving is intense, so the more experience you have, the more enjoyable the contact with this king of the ocean will be.

If this kind of excitement sounds like your type of thing, then there are a few things to know for getting moving on planning a trip. Fiji weather can be an interesting mixed bag. June to October is considered dry season and when the water tends to have the highest clarity. This is also a time for colder, windier weather. From December to March, the seas start warming up but there is a chance for monsoon type rains, causing cloudy visibility. April and May are calmer weather wise, but water clarity is diminished from plankton blooming (although this does bring in big plankton consumers).

Scuba Dive Asia has years of experience with the best diving in Beqa Lagoon. Contact us to organize the best trip of your life.