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Raja Ampat Liveaboard vs Dive Resorts

You can’t get any richer than Raja Ampat.

At least that is what many scientists believe when it comes to marine life. Out of all of the various regions of underwater splendor, Raja Ampat, according to scientists, is the most diverse oceanic ecosystem on the planet. That’s saying something, considering all of the magical places around the globe.
The varying examples of underwater life in Raja Ampat leave visitors spellbound. A biodiversity that is considered to be almost as if from a different galaxy all together, the creatures and critters that live under the sea in the area of Raja Ampat lends for spectacular scuba diving. And to add to the excitement, of the rare and strange findings, there continue to be continual discoveries of new species in this area of the world. That alone makes you want to get your scuba gear ready, doesn’t it?

 Diving From Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

Take this crazy world of intricately shaped and colored oceanic life and it makes for a place that any underwater photographer should put high on their list of places to visit. In addition to the little seen world of weird findings that can occur in Raja Ampat, another fabulous aspect is the incredible colors of the hard and soft coral. Literally springing to life in the clear sea water, the reefs are a stage for macro life, big fish like Trevally and Dogtooth Tuna as well as sharks such as Blacktip and Whitetip reef sharks. The beautiful manta ray is also an often visual delight for divers.

With such a marvelous underwater show available to divers, the only question now is where to stay. There are two options: liveaboard and dive resorts. What is the difference? Let’s take a look.


Liveaboards: For certain one of the greatest things about liveaboard diving is that you are on the water, experiencing the life of the sea firsthand. This opens up your possibilities for diving as well as how often you dive. Another important benefit is that you will be visiting Raja Ampat dive sites that are not frequented by guests, as tends to be the case at resorts. For underwater photographers, a Raja Ampat liveaboard experience is optimum in regards to getting the best shot, because you get pristine dive spots combined with the ability to dive up to six or seven times a day.

Dive Resorts: Raja Ampat dive resorts give visitors a plush vacation in a few different ways. First, there is more room to spread your wings and run, or walk. Second, you have a real bed and a real bathroom in a normally sized room. Third, there is no chance for sea sickness. Fourth, if you are with a person that isn’t a diver they will have a much more enjoyable vacation if at a dive resort.

Whether you decide to do an Indonesia dive vacation via a liveaboard dive boat or a shore-based dive resort, the result will be the same: a wonderful dive trip. If you are staying at one of the fabulous dive resorts we work with like Misool Eco Resort, Kri Eco Resort or Raja4Divers, we know that all of your needs will be satisfied. If you are traveling the seas with one of our liveaboard partners such as the Seven Seas, the Arenui or the Dive Damai I, you won’t be disappointed with the five-star, luxury service. Either way you win.

Give us a shout to learn more about how we can set you up with the best Raja Ampat dive experience.