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Palau and Her Sharks

Is there anything as terrifying as a shark coming at you?

For many the answer is no. If you enjoy the thought of a powerful, graceful creature coming into your presence, then Palau, a Pacific Island nation situated as the most westerly island chain of Micronesia, is a place you want to put on your places to visit. Even if the answer was yes, you should still put Palau on your list of diving vacation musts.


Why? Palau looks at sharks in a different way than the terrifying shark that kills man like in the movie “Jaws”, or in the ferocious gorging that can be witnessed in Discovery Channels’, Shark Week. Palau holds the shark at high regard. A place that celebrates this fearsome beast that lays claim to being king of the oceans, Palau actually created a sanctuary to protect this intimidating creature.

Over a decade ago the government of Palau decided to lend a helping hand to this awesome sea dweller. Helping to save their lives, the government set up the sanctuary that is 600,000 square kilometers in size to fight against the brutal act of shark finning that kills over 100 million sharks annually. This gruesome act against sharks in which a shark’s fins are cut off and then the body is thrown back to sea is not only horrific towards the shark, but it is also a great negative towards the cultural beliefs of the Palau people. Now Palau is a place that protects over 135 endangered or threatened species of shark and ray species. Because of the conservation activities done by the Palau people, Palau is considered the optimum place to dive with sharks in splendor.

Beautiful Micronesia – Rock Islands

Splendor? Well, the water of Palau can’t be called anything less than splendid. Boasting a visibility of at least fifty meters, the water around Palau is as clear as it gets. Plus, it is rich in sea life. The incredibly diverse fish life and the rainbow of coral reefs as well as the various types of sharks make for a scuba diver’s dream…especially when you realize exactly how precious it all is.

A species that has been touted as a vicious murderer, sharks are actually a vertebrate that deserves to be admired in Palau’s incredible clear water. Sharks are a species that grows slowly. Their reproduction rate matches that of their growth. This causes a problem when such a high number of sharks are being slaughtered at such intense rates. In fact, it is estimated by some experts that sharks may be extinct within twenty years.


Scuba Dive Asia works with some of the best guides in Palau. Take for example Sam’s Tours, a PADI 5 Star National Geographic Dive Center that has won 8 rewards since 1997, including “Best Dive Operator”, “Best Dive Staff” and “Best Value” that we are excited to partner with. The guides working with Sam’s Tours have grown up on the island and are able to take our guests to dive sites that bring you face to face with these impressive predators in a safe but adventurous way.

Ocean Hunter I

If liveaboards excite you, two outfits certain to give you a spectacular experience are Ocean Hunter I and Ocean Hunter III. Ocean Hunter I, a sturdy and comfortable 60-foot steel motor sailor, is a spacious outing for six guests. Outfitted with three cabins, all accessorized with their own bathroom and air conditioning unit as well as personalized service by the crew and access to incredible dive sites, this ship is set up to give you all of needs and wishes. Serving both the Palau and Yap Regions, the Ocean Hunter III is a larger, newer addition to the Ocean Hunter fleet. Set up for sixteen divers, this luxurious liveaboard is considered to be one of the most high class Palau diving experience available.

Swimming with sharks that are close enough to touch is a mesmerizing and heart rushing experience. But when you are able to be in such close proximity to su  ch awe-inspiring creatures it becomes instantly understandable why these beasts of the ocean deserve protection. They truly are the kings of the ocean.

Scuba Dive Asia is experienced at getting you the best Palau diving vacation possible. Set worry aside and let us help you with everything involved with the vacation. From airline tickets to hotel reservations, we are here for you.