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Lembeh Strait: Ultimate Muck Diving

Floating by you is a Juvenile Batfish, gliding through the water as a dry land bat flies through the air. To your left you see what at first looks like a mere dried leaf floating in the water, but looking closer you realize that it is a brown cockatoo waspfish. A little farther down the current you see to your right a sprinkling of frogfish waiting patiently while the sea moves by with the tidal flows.

Frogfish by Carine Lenting


This isn’t a dream that is being described. No, this is just a little sampling of the magnificent underwater world that can be seen on the Lembeh Strait. Just a hop, skip and a jump (or hour and a half) from Manado City lies the island of Sulawesi. On the northern tip of this Indonesian island is the incredible Lembeh Strait.

Known for its rainbow of diving variety, the Lembeh Strait is blessed with an incredible array of visual delight. From vibrant macro sea life to long abandoned ship wrecks with forgotten treasure, there are amazing things to witness under the water of the Lembeh Strait. But nothing quite compares to something other than the wrecks and reefs: the stunning underwater world of muck.

If you are into seeing something that seems to be of a different planet then you must try muck diving. Considered by many in the diving world to be the Holy Grail for muck diving, Lembeh Strait is rich in a diverse showing of critters and macro marine life. In fact, some of the species that live in this area live nowhere else in the world.

For those underwater photographers out there, Lembeh Strait can’t be beat. The diverse textures, colors and shapes that come from the various critters and creatures that live in this region are mind-blowing. Sometimes images that are caught in the Lembeh Strait have yet to be seen by the human eye, nor captured on film, making this place a literal treasure hunt by lens.

ScubaDiveAsia_Indonesia_Lembeh-Resort__boat2The diving in the Lembeh Strait is perfect for all levels of scuba divers. Consisting of mostly sandy areas or dive sites that are enhanced with small patches of rubbles, sponges, and reefs, muck diving is perfect for those new to diving. With a plethora of different dive sites, Lembeh Strait is fantastic for experienced divers that enjoy variety with their diving experience. A pygmy seahorse, a hairy frogfish, a Flamboyant cuttlefish, mating Mandarinfish, nudibranchs, crinoid shrimp, harlequin shrimp, Banggai cardinalfish, a ghost pipefish or a mimic octopus…. all is possible to see here. The list is endless.

To experience Lembeh Strait in its entirety there are fantastic diving resort options to choose from. One resort that we are proud to work with is Lembeh Resort, a stylish and comfortable boutique resort that offers fourteen air conditioned cottages that are nestled in a lush tropical setting while giving views of the North Sulawesi sunsets at the same time. We also are excited to be working with the Kungkungan Bay ScubaDiveAsia_Indonesia_Lembeh-Resort__boatResort that offers an intimate and exclusive atmosphere as well as thirty dive sites within fifteen minutes of their own private jetty, including four shipwrecks. If liveaboards are of more interest to you, the Tambora offers luxury in the form of a 42-meter Phinisi-style liveaboard that accommodates sixteen divers comfortably.

Muck diving the Lembeh Strait will leave you awe-struck. The macro marine life and little creatures that are enhanced with incredible detail leave divers spellbound. Let us help you create a trip that will mesmerize you. We can create the exact trip that you desire.