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How to do Selfies Underwater

So, you’re hanging out in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, scuba diving with your beloved and enjoying life immensely. You want to share your joy with the world. What better way to do it then to do an underwater selfie. But how?

If you’re wondering how to create the most fantastic underwater selfie ever, then go no further. We have put together a list of dos and don’ts for you so the next time you are on a scuba diving vacation of amazement you can show yourself in a positive light while enjoying splendor.


Here you go…

1. Get to know your camera. Whether you are using a smart phone or a high level underwater camera, the first thing to do before you get in the water is to practice. Believe us, it is much more difficult to learn about your camera while fighting the waves and trying to get oxygen through moments on the surface of the water. The better you know your camera before attempting the shot underwater the better it will come out.

scuba2. Make things positive. If you are taking the time to put your mug out there for the world to see, make sure you are doing something that is positive. For example, great poses for underwater selfies includes doing the peace sign, giving a huge smile, or offering the double thumbs up. Try to stay away from negatives like flipping the finger or making rude gestures. Remember your parents, grandparents or future in-laws may be seeing these shots someday.

3. Be aware of the bubbles. One of the main tricks to underwater selfies is getting the shot without being covered up in bubbles. Why? Well, because the bubbles block out the beautiful picture we all want to see: you! Best way to make sure you are not getting bubbles in the frame is to hold your breath…another reason why you want to make sure you know your camera before venturing out for the perfect underwater selfie. But don’t blow your cheeks out while holding your breath. This will make you look like a puffer fish.

4. Bring your loved ones into it. A wonderful way to make your underwater selfie even more fun is to involve your friends and family into the photo. Said another way: imagesdon’t make it all about you. Down the road the selfies that are done with loved ones are the ones that are treasured.

5. Make your shot as candid as possible. So, this might go against the whole idea of a selfie as it can’t be candid, but try to make it look as un-setup as possible. A great way for this to happen is to have some sea life involved in the shot. Maybe you are swimming with a giant whale shark. Get your shot with his or her spots in the background. Or maybe you are scuba diving the most amazing coral reef you have ever seen. Take the shot with the rainbows of color surrounding you. Whatever you do, make it fun and interesting. You’ll be happy later on that you did.