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Guadalupe, Mexico and Diving with Her Great White Sharks

Imagine a Great White Shark speedily swimming towards you, his large, powerful tail and fifteen-foot-long body propelling him forward at an impressive speed. He comes to a sudden stop in front of you, and then ferociously tears at a mangled piece of fish meat inches from your nose. You know that you are completely safe, but the adrenaline has your heart in your throat.

Photo by Gordon Kipp

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Guadalupe Island. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Isla Guadalupe, as it is known by the locals, is only a mere 150 miles off the Baja Peninsula and 250 miles southwest of the lively town of Ensenada in Mexico. An easy trip for anyone traveling from Canada or the United States, Guadalupe is an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most intense and mighty creatures of the sea.

photo by Michael Valos

Considered the largest predatory fish on the planet, the Great White Shark is a beautiful example of graceful dominance. Although it may carry a scarier reputation then it creates in reality, the Great White is still an animal that is impressive to view in person, especially while enjoying the scenery via a liveaboard.  Scientists have recently done research showing that these elusive animals of prey are more than senseless murderers. Research has proven that though the Great White does attribute to nearly a half of all shark bites, these attacks aren’t due to an incessant need to feed upon humans. Instead, these bites are now thought to be an aspect of the shark’s behavior of playfulness. Marine biologists have found that this is more of the shark doing a sample type bite and then releasing the victim, and thus, more often than not, not killing the individual.

Photo by Ryan Miller

This is a positive piece of information when considering diving with the Great Whites in Guadalupe. Although you have nothing to fear at all when it comes to this exciting vacation, you might be wanting more proof.

Well, here’s an example of the safe excitement that is waiting for you in Guadalupe…

The first scenario takes you into the world of the Great White using surface cages. Surface cages float on the surface of the water while being attached to the boat. With a maximum depth of five to ten feet, your entry into the shark’s zone is as easy as stepping off the boat’s swim step.

Photo by Michael Valos

The second scenario is in a submersible cage. With this style of shark diving, you are dropped around 40 feet into the sea. You enter in a similar style as the surface cage, but then are submerged in a gentle and safe way. Many divers enjoy this style, as it allows them to get a more personal experience with the sharks.

Guadalupe diving is more than just sharks, though. In these special waters you can also see sea lions, colorful fish and how they create the feeding circle of life for the sharks.

To learn more about such an incredibly exciting trip, contact us now to see how we can create a customized Guadalupe diving vacation that will surpass your expectations.