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Galapagos: A Dive Trip of a Lifetime

Where can you see mesmerizing exotic animals and marine life that are seen nowhere else on the planet? Where the evolution of species has actually been documented? And where it has all been protected by a national park and marine preserve for generations to come to cherish?


The spectacular landscape that fills out the shoes of Charles Darwin’s protected animal mecca is the treasured Galapagos Islands. The eighteen main islands, three smaller islands, and 107 rock outcroppings that make up the Galapagos Islands are a special place in today’s age of industry and prolific spread of Western materialism. The Galapagos Islands are a preserved topography that is home to creatures that live a life free from harassment and pollution (for the most part).


The Galapagos Islands offer an extraordinary ability to get up close and personal with creatures of the sea and land. It is completely common for a family of sea lions to be lounging on a beach that you happen to be walking. If you take the time to smell the roses, per say, the sea lions Scuba_Dive_Asia-Galapagos-Sealionmay just take the opportunity to come up closer to learn more about you, the strange visitor. Or you may be swimming in the beautiful pristine water surrounding the islands and a dozen massive turtles gracefully swim up to you, one of them offering a kiss to your mask. The animals, on both land and sea, of the Galapagos region are unafraid of humans because they have been treated with kindness, and know no other way. This allows for incredibly breathtaking moments with the animal kingdom in their natural habitat that leaves a person feeling inspired.

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands is a year round affair. Although it is safe to say that the months of September through November are a bit chillier then other months. As it is in the southern hemisphere the air temperatures tend to be colder from June to December, and Spring and Summer temperatures set in through January to May.

Diving in the seas of the Galapagos Islands is an amazing trip no matter what your scuba diving ability. With the right guide the opportunity to see such amazing creatures as marine iguanas and yellow-bellied sea snakes is available for everyone, from beginner to expert. All get to enjoy the pure pleasure of swimming with dolphins and sea lions as well.


And one must not forget the intense shark show that exists. The Galapagos are home to over twenty-eight varieties of shark. From black tip sharks to Galapagos sharks, from scalloped hammerhead sharks to whale sharks, there is a plethora of shark action. Not to mention the beauty and serenity of the manta rays and eagle rays as they effortlessly swim/fly by.


The Galapagos is a perfect trip for anyone that loves to see the beauty of Mother Nature in pure vibrancy. No other place offers the chance to see such a rich variety of flora and fauna both on shore as well as in the water as the in the Galapagos region. Let us show you how we can organize the perfect customized Galapagos scuba diving trip for you and your family.