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Fiji’s Rainbow Reef

Imagine an underwater world where thousands of fish enhanced by every color of the rainbow swim alone or in schools along the coral reefs which are enhanced with a luminosity of color. The Rainbow Reef, world renowned for its spectacular array of beauty, is rich in sea life and its wonderful diversity of sea life.

Blessed with the tidal swirls of the Somosomo Strait in Fiji, the Rainbow Reef is located within an ever-changing flow of nutrients brought in by the currents. This swirling flow of food is spectacular for the soft coral that happily thrives in Rainbow Reef, opening up to its full expanse at the peak of eating time. Home to over nearly 1200 different species of fish and nearly 250 varieties of soft and hard coral reefs, Rainbow Reef is the ultimate in a diver’s wonderland.

Photo by Darek Sepiolo

Where is this spectacular place? Smack dab in between Vanua Levu and Taveuni (Fiji’s second and third largest islands) lies a spectacular expanse of clear, turquoise water that is enhance by strong currents. Among these currents lives the amazing expanse of color among the reefs as well as the Great White Wall, a collection of white coral that is luminescent.

This amazing area in Fiji is considered to be one of the best diving areas in the world. Not only does the coral coloring enchant, but so does the impressive array of sea life. Interlaced throughout the coral reefs are vibrant anthias and various other fish of pelagic origin. The manta rays, barracuda and reef sharks also play amongst the colorful underwater wonderland.

Fiji’s Rainbow Reef is not only spectacular because of its coloring and ocean critters. Rainbow Reef is showing itself to be resilient. According to scientists, coral reefs around the world are finding difficulty with the changing of overall earthly temperatures. Normally, coral reefs are able to regenerate despite the disaster that befalls it. Whether a disease, predator, volcanic eruption or hurricane, coral reefs are able to come back and regain health. But with rising sea temperatures that is not the case.


That is, except, Rainbow Reef.

Rainbow Reef has shown itself to be one of the only places that is taking a stand against increasing water temperatures. You see, the increase in temperature causes the coral to release a symbiotic algae that holds its color and nutrients. This leaves the coral colorless. In corals around the world, the temperature limit is being reached which is damaging the coral, leaving it without nutrients and thus, dying. Rainbow Reef, on the other hand, showed signs of new life blossoming. There were new signs of coral outcroppings, and color remained despite global ocean temperatures increasing.

Rainbow Reef is an example that Mother Nature can survive and thrive. And as divers we get the opportunity to see the vibrancy that comes from ocean life, despite unfavorable conditions for such life to live. It is nice to know that the beauty remains. May we all get the chance to enjoy it… Book your trip with Scuba Dive Asia now.